Thursday, 14 January 2010

Favela (nearly) Finished

I apologise for the shocking photos (done on my friends phone, due to lack of my own camera!). I'll change them when i have some decent ones! Right, this is my Favela piece, though only with four magnets (more in the pipeline) and its still a work-in-progress. Its inspired by a quote I read when I was doing my research which mentioned the way Favelas are 'Hastily thrown together'. The idea with this necklace is it can be 'hastily thrown together', with the magnets not essential, but there to be built up quickly if desired. I think this piece is by no means a technical feat, but it is definitely a step forward for me in terms of concept. The two pictures are slightly different, as I have moved the magnets around a little bit so you can see what I mean in terms of building it up quickly and easily. Sketchbook to follow tomorrow, hopefully :) *
P.S. Its tied together with knotted Buri Nuts :)

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