Friday, 4 December 2009


Right.....I think I have a direction to go with these grapes...finally! And I can mix in an architectural element too, best of both worlds! Dionysus being the Greek God of wine, means connotations of Grecian Freizes/ Frescoes, so I had the idea of engraving acrylic to look like marble (ambitious, perhaps?!). Carving out a Dionysus with a bunch of grapes in his hand, and really pitting the grapes then inlaying mother of pearl with a very thin layer of resin, also known as the 'Raden Technique' (taught at the Bead Shop this summer by the lovely Lynda Cheney) is what I have in mind. Workshop time!! 


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Roisin Connolly said...

inlaying mother of my my helen this sounds exciting. im excited to see. I'm hoping too give the laser cutter a go to engraving into resin. i think it will be a challenge.