Thursday, 15 January 2009

Christmas Holiday Project

Last time I was here I mentioned my Christmas project on Maisie Broadhead. I have been having so much fun doing it!
Her website is and it has some beautiful photographs of her work. I have been focussing on her 'Bathroom' collection, which features household fittings cast in silver to be worn on the body, giving them a new purpose and meaning.
This took me to the Sam Burns scrapyard in Prestonpans ysterday, to see what objects I could come across which i thought could do with a new lease of life... so £3.00 later I had an old remote control, a games consol handset, some old plugs, a showerhead, a couple of taps, a hard drive from an ancient computer and some old screws. Now, what to do with them? Any inspiration greatly appreciated :) . I'm back at college on Monday so will try and scan some of my sketchbook pages for you to see.
Other news...not too much. I just got back from a gorgeous holiday in the Conaries with my boyfriend, and it was pretty much jewellery-unrelated, although that didn't stop me from dragging him into every jewellery shop we passed! Going to have some fun with a bit of fimo tonight, I have a new idea in the pipeline. Ooh. I'll let you know how it goes and get some sketchbook photos up soon! Helen*
P.S. This image is Maisie Broadhead's 'Pullcord necklace'.

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