Friday, 19 December 2008

I'm back for Christmas!

Well Hello! Long time...and basically nothing!
I've been so busy with my course that commissions, things in the shops and obviously the blog have fallen waaaaay behind.
I can't believe how busy my course has kept me, and how much I've done. I have learned in the space of three months (deep breath): Soldering, riveting, hinge making, rolling mill, wire work, forging, all types of hammering, heating and sawing. Everything and anything to do with the basics of using metal. And my goodness there is a lot to learn! Glad to have a holiday for Christmas, though all is not quiet...I still have a holiday project to do :S.
Now this is called 'A Journey in Jewellery Design', which is not just the workshop techniques, though they are a big part of the course. It is also the art of the design process, so sketchbooks ahoy, and many a research trip. My sketchbooks were not so so good to start with, but my grades indicate they have got a lot better over the semester, so maybe I can share some of that with you over the course of the holidays too. I'll be back with more (and photos!) soon i promise.
P.S. My Christmas project is on a designer called Maisie Broadhead, who I will find out more about and fill you in with next time!

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