Friday, 19 June 2009

I'm back...again!!

Dear nice people, It is holiday time again, and so I am back with a chance to keep up my blog. Lets hope I can manage to do it a wee bit more consistently!
Also I have no camera, so photos of my work will be up, just maybe slightly erratically. To start with though, my most exciting news is that I have passed my first year at art college, and am now preparing for third year!! :)
Since its the holidays though, I have been in The Little Bead Shop ( non-stop, as my boss Gil is getting a well - deserved break! I am in the middle of my Level 1 Art Clay Silver certificate at the moment, and its going well! There is so much paste though, I think you should be expecting to see a lot of fine silver leaves up for sale soon!! :)

I'll be back to post more soon!! (Honestly!)


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